The Basics: For Aspiring Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

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The Basics: For Aspiring Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

About Course

Are you an aspiring Freelancer or Virtual Assistant?

Do you want to know if this career is really for you?

Are you interested in learning all about the industry for FREE?

If you answered YES, to these questions, then, The Basics: For Aspiring Freelancers and Virtual Assistants is for you!

This is a less than 2-hour course that goes over the whole freelancing and virtual assistance industry, absolutely FREE!

Yup, no charge at all!

So, what does the course include?

In this course, we will share with you a quick overview of the following topics:

  • Services
  • Niche or industry to serve
  • Resume/Portfolio
  • Find & pitch to clients
  • Ace discovery calls
  • Service agreement document
  • Receive payments
  • Organize your tasks
  • Build a long-lasting relationship with your client

Our main goal in the PH Freelancers & VAs Community is for our members to gain as much information as they can for free. We share tips, tricks, and hacks via emails, the Facebook group posts, and do monthly FREE webinars to share knowledge and show support to our fellow Freelancers & VAs.


NOTE: These are just quick explanations of every part you will need to help you get started in the industry. If you would like to watch a more detailed, step-by-step guide, feel free to learn more here.

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Isaac David

Isaac David

Founder, PH Freelancers & VAs Community

Course Instructor

Isaac created the PHFVAC to help Filipinos discover more opportunities than just their regular 9-5 jobs, land clients that will improve their quality of life by opening doors to more than a single stream of income, and understand their worth: that they can charge more than what they know regardless of their race and location. 

He also created the PHFVAC to provide a support system to Filipino Freelancers and Virtual Assistants that will allow them to share their thoughts, experiences, and wins. He built the community for members to meet new virtual friends from all over the Philippines, share value, and potentially earn from their connections.

(8 Reviews)
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